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"THE VOID" Aka "Bullies"

Zack Wyman is a bitter young man. Growing up in the streets has taught him to be very resourceful, and turned him into a stone cold
fighter. Discovered and mentored by The Chairman at a young age, Zack has grown into a cold-hearted delinquent involved in petty crime
and gangs. Once injected with the VOID, Zack mutates into WRATH. Wrath uses his ice as a weapon to gain leverage over and freeze his
opponents in their tracks. The Chairman kept tabs on Zack as he grew up, intent on using him as a soldier, but as it turns out, Zack isn’t so eager to be led. 
While there may be an internal power struggle within The Void, one thing is
clear... they’re out to destroy The Core!


His special power when connected to the Orb is his ability to tap into the emotion of SADNESS, but unfortunately he needs to learn how to transform the energy to unlock  a different emotion that will stop his self destructive bully behavior. 

Zack will do anything, to get his hands on the BLUE Orb!

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