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"THE VOID" Aka "Bullies"

Davian is the owner and lead scientist at Sirocco, an energy corporation that is a front for his true objective: to convert Wroxer technology into a powerful weapon with which he can take over the world! He has carefully built his status within the community, protecting his alter ego, while destroying the credibility of anyone who might question his intentions. 


Davian is a cunning snake of a businessman who has used his charm to manipulate his way to vast fortune and power. Now he commands The VOID to eliminate Sirocco’s competition and rake in the cash at an unprecedented rate. When Davian's thoughts trigger the emotion of disgust or hate (which is more often than not) he transforms into a destructive snake beast known as The Chairman with the ability to hypnotize his opponents before moving in for the strike,


The Chairman’s greatest weapon is the power of mind control and

His special power when connected to the Orb is his ability to tap into the emotion of CONTEMPT.

Although he seeks full control over all the Orbs, it is the GREEN Orb that fuels Davian the most.

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