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"The Real Deal"
- Mentor -

Evander was built organically to portray the skills of emotional intelligence through overcoming the challenges of an underprivileged youth, and becoming the Heavyweight Champion Of The World.  


Evander preaches emotional intelligence everyday through STORIES of his life’s experiences while never seeking out to do so. 


Evander’s amazing account of his journey revolves around the love he received from his mama. 


Evander believes that the LOVE from his MAMA built the heart of a Champion.   


Evander believes the love KIDS have for their mama is what they all can RELATE to. 


Evander knows that LOVE - the strongest emotion of all - will OPEN THE MINDS of our youth to emotional intelligence learning.

Kids meet the 4 x Heavyweight Champion Of The World who wants to teach you how to be a Super-Human-Hero!!

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