Mission Statement 

Our goal is to facilitate the development of social and emotional skill-sets in kids by creating programs and funding, as well as providing access to programs aimed at giving underprivileged youth a fighting chance to adapt to adversity and the challenges of life. 

The Evander Holyfield Foundation aims to raise young people’s awareness of the power of emotional intelligence thru an entertaining educational platform built around an interactive world where STORY sparks the imagination and peaks an interest to LEARN.    

The Foundation further aims to facilitate the incorporation of rigorously tested and refined teaching methods developed by the world’s leading “emotional intelligence” research & educational institutions into animated cartoons, comic books, and other creative programs geared towards the development of our children’s “emotional intelligence” skill sets.  




Evander Holyfield - the only 4 time Heavyweight Champion of the world - is arguably one of the greatest fighters that ever lived.  

But perhaps his greatest display of character and inner power came by way of his empathetic reaction to losing part of his ear in the heat of battle - an instantaneous understanding of his and his opponent’s emotions that enabled him to stay focused on the task at hand.   

Hence, the reason Evander is referred to as “The Peaceful Warrior”…a display of emotional intelligence that symbolizes what champions are made of – and a message that success does not come from our physical power, rather from the power of our emotional intelligence. 


Evander is stepping outside the ring into a battle for the hearts and minds of our youth ... to raise their awareness of emotional intelligence, and to provide them access to social & emotional learning tools needed to obtain skills that will help them go the distance.