An animated story and interactive gaming platform revolving around a team of cyborg kids known as The CORE who must learn to adapt to the power of human emotions in their battle against The (evil) VOID … 

A world where the WROXER characters, viewing audience, and game players learn how to navigate challenge & adversity by leveraging the power of heightened emotions … 

A tool to help strengthen our children’s “Emotional Intelligence” (EQ) so vital to health, happiness, and success, not to mention achieving peace and harmony on planet earth… and  beyond!  

WROXER is the output of a combination of Dr. Dickman’s concern for the challenges posed to our children in the rapidly evolving modern world, his studies in the fields of human potential/adaptation & emotional intelligence, and the application of the science and art of linguistics, animation and branding for the purpose of developing an educational tool capable of empowering our children "the seeds of our future" with the essential skills necessary to thrive in this life.  


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“Our kids are not responsible for their programming.  WE are.  If we can offer them a social-emotional learning experience equally engaging and as captivating as their favorite video game we can save lives and change the world.”" 

Dr. Robert Dickman

Dr. Dickman prides himself on being a loving husband, devoted father, caring physician, and astute businessman with a passion for recognizing and connecting people with their true potential. 

As a physician, Dr. Dickman took an oath to serve others to the best of his ability through the art, science, and philosophy of natural healing methods.


By day - in his clinic - Dr. Dickman has spent the past 20 years administering functional methods to his patient’s to improve neuroplasticity of the nervous system and ultimately the adaptive ability of the entire body. 

However, over the years, his dedication and passion evolved into a yearning to empower people on a much larger scale.


By night - in his lab - Dr. Dickman has been developing an educational tool for Kids, which harnesses the power of the mind to improve the overall adaptive ability of the human being… called WROXER (linguistic translation “re-order” i.e. adaptation).  


Simon Edwards

Simon is an award winning Executive Producer with 20 years of production experience writing, producing and editing top rated shows for companies including WWE, History and SpikeTV's Impact Wrestling.

Simon specialized in helping the early development of characters including John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and more.  In addition to producing #1-rated shows Raw, Smackdown and Impact, He helped develop several Impact-branded shows for SpikeTV including “Epics”, “Greatest Matches”, “Reaction,” and “Ring Ka King” a show for India co-produced with Endemol. 

Simon currently develops independent projects and leads an award-winning production team creating content for international sports content company Better Collective.