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If you are a Kids focused non-profit organization, animation or gaming  production company, or someone who is looking to "Pay It Forward" to the seeds of our future, Please Inquire Within to learn how you may help launch perhaps one of the most relevant and on purpose entertainment properties of our time ... a production industry experts are calling “incredible” with a worldwide distribution partnership hinging on the completion of the pilot episode.  

The theme of the WROXER pilot episode is FEAR... DARKNESS & The UNKNOWN.  Team WROXER discover how to handle the destructive negative energy of fear and "Tap-In" to the positive energy of joy, inspiration & love.  


The WROXER back story, as depicted in the comic book, is recapped as a springboard into the heart of the pilot episode. 


Our story continues back in the Sirroco Lab, where Davian aka "The Chairman", leader of the "VOID", develops a virus like" white noise frequency intended to interfere with the group of misfit Cyborg Kids' ability to connect with each other & their trusted emotional supercharger ORBS... ultimately disabling their power to adapt to the evils of the "VOID".   

The WROXER initial production shall set the stage for incorporating the rigorously tested and refined teaching methods of the world’s leading “emotional intelligence” research institution into a full blown series of animated cartoons, comic books, gaming, and other creative WROXER learning based programs.