Initial funding provided to The Evander Holyfield Foundation shall be allocated for the immediate production and worldwide distribution of WROXER’s first series of animated shorts. 


The initial production shall revolve around 8 episodes in where each focuses on 1 of the 8 primary emotions geared towards instantaneously connecting kids to a world where they learn intuitively how to recognize, understand, label, express, and effectively regulate their emotions - all the while staying focused on the task at hand. 


WROXER initial production shall set the stage to further incorporate the rigorously tested and refined teaching methods of the world’s leading “emotional intelligence” research institutions into a full blown series of animated cartoons, comic books, gaming, and other creative WROXER learning based programs.


The Evander Holyfield Foundation is seeking support and participation from professional athletes, celebrities, corporations, foundations, and other individuals or groups who are interested in helping advance the emotional intelligence of kids worldwide through donation of funds and/or donation of professional services related to production and distribution of WROXER content, or simply a commitment to raise WROXER awareness thru social media outlets etc.