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"THE VOID" Aka "Bullies"

Ruin is an insane, masked pro-wrestler from parts unknown who stands at an impressive 7-feet tall with arms thicker than redwood trees. As a wrestler, Ruin achieved all the success that one could ask, destroying opponent after opponent. Ruin’s destructive nature led him to the top but was also his downfall, as he was banned from the sport for being too violent, and lacking any concept of sportsmanship. Enlisted by Zack Wyman to join The VOID, When Ruin gets ANGRY (which seems to happen all too often) he is transformed into Fission, a hulking beast with a maniacal laugh who loves to “ground and pound!” His forearms pulsate with a glowing toxic heat that flows through his veins to fists the size of boulders. Fission can take out buildings with a swing of his fist, and by smashing them against the ground, he has the ability to shake the earth.

His special power when connected to the Orb is his ability to tap into the emotion of ANGER, and just like ZACK will do almost anything to get those enormous fists around the RED type who's energy gives RUIN nuclear power.

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