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"THE VOID" Aka "Bullies"

Sakura is a cruel, bitter scientist from Tokyo working for The Chairman. She loves to dish out punishment and rubs her less talented coworker’s faces in it. Recruited into the US by The Chairman, Sakura was subsequently enlisted to spy on the Walkers. Her
heartless persona is merely a wall she has put up to block her deep down sense of GUILT for withholding the secret to communicating with the dead to her self, and particularly information about the afterlife that would otherwise bring comfort to man kind around the world..  Sakura is determined to raise the dead and creates legions 
of “zombified” followers to do her destructive bidding.   Sakura utilizes the power of GUILT not for its intended purpose as a deterrent to someone doing something that is harmful to themself. someone else or some other thing, but rather to transform herself into Arashi, an evil, gothic witch who for unthinkable reasons refuses to live by "The Golden Rule",

Her special power when in contact with the Orb is her ability to tap into the emotion of GUILT, which someday will eventually break down her wall?  At least we hope so!

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