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Miko brings the cool to this squad. A rocking, hacking skater, Miko’s LOVE of animals causes her to melt at the very sight of every cute critter. But don’t think she’s soft! Talk like that is only going to get you in trouble. Miko is the girl with the dragon tattoo next door. This 15 year-old is super cute, dangerously intelligent, and also a cyborg. But just like Robby and Lucas you’d never know by looking. Miko has difficulty controlling her impulsive behavior and short temper, but the way in which she cares and shows empathy for others, even those who are not so nice, you would swear she has a human heart like.  Miko also has a passion for skateboarding, hacking, Karate and of course animals. In fact, she adopted her pet lemur, Monzai, after breaking him out of an animal testing center with her hacking skills. Evander Holyfield knew right away that there was something special about Miko, even though her adventurous personality is always getting her into trouble. Miko transforms into KATA, who can summon the energy of animals to bring their power, strength, agility, and heart to her fighting moves.

Her special power is her ability to tap into the emotion of LOVE.

MIKO OGUCHI (Cyborg) - Aka "KATA"

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