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Under the guidance of a team of legendary super star mentors, including “The Real Deal” Evander Holyfield, a group of young cyborg friends will discover their mysterious origin lies in WROXER, an advanced Artificial Intelligence developed by scientists working at the giant technology firm, Sirocco. They’ll find that connecting with CORE orbs will allow them to draw from the power of human emotion to battle THE VOID, a rising evil force!

They will also discover that cyborgs developing empathy for other cyborgs may in fact become the catalyst for a similar relationship with humans, and the key to saving the world.
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Welcome to Wroxer!

Legend has it that the power within us is derived from our emotions, and the the fighter within is that inner voice that guides our actions. 
The stronger the emotion, the louder the voice, the greater the power. 
To hear the voice is universal to all, but those who learn the skill of listening to the voice possess emotional intelligence super powers - powers that enable us to outsmart the bad guy or handle the toughest of problems that come our way.

Click this Orb and learn the secret that Wroxer will prove over and over again!



WROXER Orbs are emotionally supercharged mini power centers (i.e. batteries), which contain bottled up energy from mankind's unexpressed emotions..  When merged with WROXER artificial intelligence (AI), they create a surge of power into the Cyborgs that not only gives them Super human strength,, but most remarkably the ability to EXPRESS & REGULATE emotions.
A wise man once said a good boxer wins fights, but a good fighter wins battles.

Evander Holyfield, a great boxer and arguably one of the greatest fighters of all time, attributes his ability to overcome adversity to a special connection between his heart and mind. 

The Champion & Peaceful Warrior, beloved for his heart & his undeniable “superhuman like” ability to turn SET BACKS into COME BACKS, announces his greatest GIVE BACK to humanity by serving as a conduit between emotional intelligence development and the receiving HEARTS & MINDS of CHILDREN globally.   WROXER, with the help of Evander leverages the power of STORY, the power of SONG, the power of the “Voice Within”, and the power of being connected to the hearts and minds of PARENTS worldwide for the purpose of empowering our kid's abilities to go the distance.

Evander is also calling out to other SPORT & ENTERTAINMENT LEGENDS to join WROXER in similar fashion.
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